Cascade of Poppies

Armistice Day is approaching, and to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War there will be a Cascade of Poppies from the balcony of The Angel in Brigg Market Place.
People are being encouraged to buy two poppies – one to wear and one to put in the display.
The cascade will begin on Monday October 22 and continue until Armistice Day on November 11.

Brigg Rotary sold 23,800 crocuses to help buy polio vaccinations.

If you travel into or through Brigg at the moment the verges have lots of purple crocuses just coming into bloom. They were planted by Brigg Rotarians and Brigg Air Cadets in November. 2800 were actually planted in one day. In all Brigg Rotary sold 23,800 crocuses to help buy polio vaccinations. We have put little notices next to the crocuses as a thank you to the organisations who bought them. 
Please like and share this if you see any purple crocuses on the verges. The reason we have chosen purple is that one we have vaccinated a child we dip their finger in a purple dye and before we leave a village all the children are brought together and we can see any one who has not been vaccinated


Tree of Light Presentation


Tree of Light Cheques were kindly presented by Lady Mayoress Ann Eardley .Pete from Rosa received a cheque for £500, Jan & Kate from Carers Support received a cheque for £500 , Andrew from St John Church received a cheque for £81.00  , Heather from Co Op Funeral care sponsored the event . Amy from Design Orchard sponsored the event.



Journalist Nigel Fisher, a member of the Brigg Town Business Partnership and resident of the town, has set out his New Year aspirations for the town in a post on his Brigg Blog…

Having seen in the New Year, all townsfolk will be keen for Brigg  to enjoy a prosperous 2017.
A main talking point is whether Aldi will get its now-approved new store on Bridge Street up and running during the year.
Above is a “visual” provided by Aldi to show how the store will look, with the A18 on the right.
February will see the long-awaited official opening of the refurbished Recreation Ground with its new all-weather, floodlit facilities, following which Brigg Hockey Club’s men’s and ladies’ teams will be able to make very good use of a very welcome provision by North Lincolnshire Council.
The first games have now been played on the new “Blue Astro” surface.
Brigg Blog is also confident that the traditional grassed area where cricket is played – the square and outfield – can be enhanced over the coming months so we can see Brigg Town Cricket Club back playing there, rather than at Brocklesby or Hibaldstow.
In a new development, we shall soon be seeing verges and other open spaces in the town turning purple,  thousands of crocus bulbs having been planted as part of a campaign to rid the world of polio, the dreaded disease.
Much interest in 2017 will centre on plans to build additional housing on an area of land near Brigg railway station. A decision on the planning application is pending. If  approval is given, which we forecast will be the case,  a timescale needs to be revealed for the start and completion of the work. For  Brigg Horse Fair is coming up in August and has occupied this location for a good many years.
Will the 2017 fair be able to go ahead on Station Road?
Brigg Town Business Partnership and the Tourist Information Centre at the Buttercross will continue to work hard to promote our town as a destination for people to shop, eat and drink throughout 2017.
Brigg has a very low percentage of empty shops, and we trust this will continue to be the case over the next 12 months.
A new kebab fast food outlet, on the corner of Bigby Street and Princes Street, will be opening soon.
It would be really good to see redevelopment of all/part of the old cycle factory site and the former Corah’s stocking factory – both off Bridge Street – with new jobs resulting.
Similarly, the former Sugar Factory sportsground and clubhouse – just over the border in Scawby Brook – has stood idle far too long. Can a new use be found for this sizeable site?
On the sporting front, we hope to see Brigg Town Football Club climbing back up the pyramid after a few disappointing seasons of late, although the current campaign has brought better results.
Whether the refurbished Rec – next to the Hawthorns ground – kickstarts the formation of more Brigg sports teams remains to be seen. We very much hope it does. There are facilities for hockey, football, netball, tennis and perhaps other sports.
Regular followers of Brigg Blog will not be surprised that we put tackling drivers who take their vehicles into the pedestrianised town centre on our wish list for action by the authorities during 2017.
We have given many, many examples of shoppers having to step aside to make way for approaching cars and vans whose drivers have no valid reason to be in the pedestrian zone, having ignored  ‘no entry’ signs.
A crackdown by the authorities is long overdue. We say ‘authorities’ because it appears to be a matter for North Lincolnshire Council wardens if the vehicles are parked but something for the police to address if  the vehicles are moving.  Let’s not forget that CCTV cameras offer extensive coverage of the town centre. So why not use footage to take errant drivers to task?
North LIncolnshire Council has worked long and hard in an effort to promote Brigg’s general market, held each Thursday and Saturday, but more stalls are definitely needed. This is somewhat strange as the monthly farmers’ market always sees a sizeable turnout of stall-holders.
Greater use of the River Ancholme is something many people want to see in Brigg.
Glanford Boat Club and Ancholme Rowing Club do a good deal, and the town continues to attract many anglers from near and far. However, on our wish list for 2017 is the establishment of regular boat trips round the island, to be enjoyed by locals and particularly visitors. Boat rides would prove quite a draw, we suggest. But is anyone willing to launch such a service as a commercial enterprise?
During 2017 work will continue on a marina off Mill Lane, with cabins – best viewed from Cadney Road, looking across the river. This venture has been granted planning permission to offer all-year-round holiday accommodation, which is a very welcome development for Brigg.
Brigg’s Neighbourhood Plan – the blueprint for future development – will continue to be put together in the coming months.
One aspect of the recent Neighbourhood Plan consultation in the Buttercross surprised us: Only a handful of people supported the idea of identifying a site for a major fast food restaurant in Brigg. However, there’s nothing to stop one of the fast food giants finding its own site and putting in a planning application.
Brigg Town Council continues to do much good work for the town, including providing the Christmas lights, managing the allotments and organising the Remembrance Sunday parade and wreath-laying. However, very few members of the public choose to attend the council’s monthly meetings in the Angel Suite, where townsfolk are free to raise issues of interest or concern during Public Question Time. We hope to see more faces in the public gallery at meetings during 2017.
North Lincolnshire Council also supports Brigg well in many ways, the Brigg & Wolds Ward representatives being Couns Rob Waltham, Carl Sherwood and Nigel Sherwood. All three are also members of Brigg Town Council.
Last, but by no means least, we hope all Brigg’s fine hostelries will continue to trade throughout 2017.
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Brigg Fire Station celebrate the opening of the brand new extension.

 A ribbon cutting event was held at Brigg Fire Station on Friday 4 November to celebrate the opening of the brand new extension. A new community classroom and other facilities have been added to benefit local groups and host evening events such as the recent Heart Start training.

Past and present firefighters at Brigg Fire Station – 4th November, 2016
The group included, 97 year old, Hughie Markham from Grammar School Road…
 fire !


CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) organised a litter-pick around Brigg.

Sat 15th, CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) organised a litter-pick around the town.
The event was joined by individual and Brigg organisions’ volunteers.
The litter-pick was followed by an anniversary tea in the Angel Suite to celebrate CPRE’s 90th birthday, as well as the 40th anniversary of the local CPRE’s branch of Northern Lincolnshire.

Thanks to Ken Harrison for photos.


‘Sew Saturday’ event, Brigg’s Wrawby Street’s Jaylaurs

Tailored to celebrate the national ‘Sew Saturday’ event, Brigg’s Wrawby Street’s Jaylaurs promoted the occasion with a marque full of materials and ideas. Interfaced in front of the shop and  partly overlaying Brigg’s main retail area, the temporary sewing-related emporium gathered much interest. Many darted in, but no-one seemed to be ruffled.
Many customers obviously already had a bias and tucked and lined themselves inside to explore the possible threads of sewing courses and Jaylaurs wide range of haberdashery.


Aoife (pronounced Etha) Mason, Jayne Brett, Sue Whiteley
Thanks to Ken Harrison for photos.



One of Britain’s best-dressed and best-known women has chosen to register her new business venture in Brigg, the Daily Mail has reported in print and online.
We were very pleasantly suprised to read the news in Sebastian Shakespeare’s column in the Mail.
The wife of the former Prime Minister is forecast to be entering the business world of stylish fashion.
Why she chose Brigg above all other towns and cities has not been revealed – yet. 
Quite possibly we will never know.
Her father, Sir Reginald Sheffield, of course, has close connections with North Lincolnshire – notably in the Normanby area, near Scunthorpe.
“Sam Cam” – as the national media loves to call her – has perhaps been to Brigg in the past, though we can’t recall attending any events she’s graced or having seen her on any pictures taken within the town’s boundary.
Now she’s paid Brigg a huge compliment by registering her company here, a visit – or return visit – would be nice. Here are a few suggestions of things she might try…
  • Take a look at Brigg’s one-time fashion capital on Bridge Street, the former Corah’s factory, where garments were manufactured until it closed in the 1970s. Over many years, councillors have been hoping to see this long-neglected site redeveloped and put to good use. It was a big employer of mostly female labour in its glory days and was known locally as The Stocking Factory.
  • Join the Brigg Town Business Partnership – open to people with companies.
  • Tour the Buttercross – now almost 200 years old and famously opened by Lady Diana, The Princess of Wales.
  • Visit the Exchange Coach House, where Winston Churchill once stayed when Britain’s war-time Prime Minister
  • Stock up the larder at Brigg Farmers’ Market. Bound to be something tasty for the family table.
  • Take a tour of Hewson House, on Station Road, which her father will have visited during his time as an area councillor.
  • Call in at the Brigg office of Andrew Percy MP – a Conservative who served in the House of Commons with her husband.
  • Pop in for a coffee at Costa, on Wrawby Street.
  • Admire the view of the river from the new Ancholme Way, with seating close to the County Bridge
  • Enjoy a drink and perhaps a chat at the Yarborough Hunt, which has historic links to another aristocratic family



 By Nigel Fisher, Freelance Journalist, Editor of the Brigg Blog website and BTBP member

They have completed the surface of the new blue synthetic sports pitch at Brigg Recreation Ground. And very nice it looks, too.

These days, blue is very much the colour of choice for top hockey pitches across the world, making it easier for players, umpires and spectators to follow the track of the ball as it whizzes about at high speed.

It is now the best part of 30 years since Brigg hockey players first began campaigning for a floodlit, synthetic pitch in the town. 

As the game progressed and playing on traditional grass surfaces was phased out, Brigg hockey home games had to be staged on the available synthetic council-run pitches in Scunthorpe and even Lincoln – involving much travel and expense. 

Now, through the provision of the new facility in Brigg – courtesy of North Lincolnshire Council – league hockey can at last return to the town.

We are very much looking forward to spectating at the first game to be played on the new blue pitch – a few months from now – and to seeing inside the wonderful new changing room/pavilion, which is also taking shape at The Rec.

Some of us can remember when changing facilities included a former farmyard stable, garden sheds and a second-hand bowls pavilion whose floor left splinters in the feet of the unwary.

Thankfully, those days are long gone and Brigg will soon have a Recreation Ground of which it can be really proud.

Netball, tennis, hockey, cricket and football will be provided for on synthetic and grass surfaces at The New 21st Century Rec.

The main contractor for the project is G Kelsey Construction which quite often posts progress pictures on Twitter, we’ve noted.

Nigel Fisher updates his Brigg Blog regularly.

It can be viewed on PC, tablet or mobile phone at



 gb-high-st-2016-email-sig6Brigg Town Business Partnership has entered the town into the Great British High Street competition again this year. This time we are firmly and squarely in the small market town section! We will hear whether Brigg has been shortlisted by mid-October. In the meantime this is our public declaration from the 2016 submission……

“Brigg is a traditional market town on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  A staggering 73% of its retailers are independents. Brigg Town Business Partnership (BTBP) provides them with a strong collective voice, enabling each business to excel within an integrated high street whilst retaining its individual identity, quality customer service and charm.

Our vision is for a sparkling and dynamic market town where businesses and the high street really are enthusiastic partners at the heart of the community.  GBHS finalists in 2015, Brigg aspires to go one better this year.”